Connections (Rural Panel)
Connectons (Rural, detail)
Connections (Urban Panel),
Connections (Urban, detail)
Slough Fish bench
SloughFish, finials (2 of 10)
Sunflower & Thistle Bench
Cycle of Inquiry
Anhinga & Mullet Fish
Homing Gate I
Fire Tower
Fire Tower (alternate view)
Fire Tower (detail)
Arboretum Illuminatum, Reading Garden Lights
Arboretum Illuminatum (detail)
Buddha Bird pavilion
Buddha Bird
Industrial Base
Intertwined (detail)
Second Growth
Pending Communication
Pending Communication (detail)
Salmon Dance
Salmon gargoyle
Raven gargoyle
Wailing Bell (detail)
Wailing Bell
Silver Seed
The Grove bench
Out of the Brambles
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